• AramTejarat Jonoub company (ATJ) is one of the commercial companies in Iran that was stablished in 2006 to provide high quality products for exporting to different countries around theworld.
  • Our expert team has mostly focused on providing and exporting mineral materials and supplying primary materials for factories like Cement, Glass Manufacturing, Ceramics and etc . Besides, since 2016, we added oil derivatives to ourexports.
  • Products

    Mineral and construction materials

    Mineral Materials:
  • Limestone-Gabbro-Fire Proof Soil - Bauxite
  • Gypsum-Baryte - Bentonite - Kaolin - Silica
  • Construction materials :
  • Tile and Mosaic- Cement- ClinkerMicrosilica Powder- Nanosilica Gel
  • Oil products

  • Base Oil
  • Different Solvents
  • Bitumen - Granular Urea - Reclaim Rubber
  • Our assets

  • Private port for loading aggregates on vessel
  • 10,000 m² private land in Negin Island Port in Bushehr
  • Using experienced transportation fleet in order to deliver goods to port for exportation.
  • Our Capacities

  • Providing materials for our clients based on required standards.
  • Providing high quality materials with proper packaging.
  • Exportation and delivering goods according to agreed time.
  • Our recent activities

  • Exportation of 50,000 M2 Mosaic
  • Exportation of 400,000 tons Kaolin
  • Exportation of 200,000 tons Limestone
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide high quality and required products for the buyers that accept us as their business partners, in order to be satisfied with their choice and convenient on work continuation.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to become the first and the best commercial company in the region and trade with 7 continents of the world.

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